Wise is on the rise

Who wants a fountain of youth when they could hire a wealth of knowledge? 
Wise is on the rise, because experience is worth everything, and mid-career opportunities are endless if you know how to capture them. 
This is why we created The Brass, a joyful, holistic platform and community for mid-to-late stage career women. 


Our mission is to help women take charge of mid-to-late career change, while challenging the perception that we are less valuable as we age

Through a supportive community and tailored guidance for mid-career women, we offer a joyful platform that dismantles mental barriers hindering women's progress, while challenging biases and stereotypes they face in the mid-to-late stages of their careers.

Why did we create the brass?

Career transition does not have to be stressful and lonely. It can be joyful and supported by a vibrant community. We are changing the perception that women are less valuable as we age. We are vital to the world.

Ageism blows, Wisdom rules

As you mature, owning your career design, driving your next move with intention and making bold changes are essential elements to your success and happiness.
Addressing and eliminating age-related stereotypes is important because, as a mid-to-late career woman, you possess a wealth of experience, insight, and value that benefits organizational growth. Your wisdom and contributions enrich the workplace and society.

Terry O’Connor's photo

Terry o’connor

Former Google & Databricks talent acquisition leader, startup founder, and investor

For nearly two decades, Terry has been advising hiring managers at Fortune 500 companies like Google, and start ups like Databricks on winning strategies for hiring top talent. Many senior-level tech industry professionals have benefited from her interview coaching and landed remarkable job offers.

The one-size-fits-all career path is a thing of the past. She believes that we need to create a new vocabulary for
mid-to-late stage career women. It's important to reject the misconceptions about ageism.

Terry built the Career Design Playbook™ based on her experiences coaching candidates, advising hiring leaders and navigating her own rewarding career transitions from Wall Street to real estate to Silicon Valley.

Terry’s full story

As a young girl, the oldest of five siblings, growing up in Bay Village, Ohio, a suburb of Cleveland, Terry was passionate about basketball, softball, running, riding her bike around the neighborhood, climbing trees and reading stories about people who succeeded against the odds. She was the captain of the girl’s basketball and softball teams and loved tossing the football in the backyard with her sister, Kathleen.

She learned at an early age that there wasn’t a difference between “girl” jobs and “boy” jobs. Her parents rotated the chores equally among the three girls and two boys. Each child would be in the weekly round robin to clear the table and load the dishwasher, sweep the floor and empty the garbage, mow the lawn in the summer and rake leaves in the fall.

Doing chores around the house was part of being in a big family, but Terry wanted more autonomy to grow her skills, earn her own money and to create something new. She started her first business at age 10, Terry’s Dog Walking Services which expanded into childcare and lawn-care.

Everything changed when her parents divorced after 20 years of marriage. This was the first major life transition that put her on the path to learn how to build from a new foundation, move through obstacles and seek advice and support. Grit, determination, entrepreneurial spirit and sense of humor helped her flourish on her career path.

Terry discovered her fascination with the stock market in the 1980s while studying Finance in college. She decided to transform her passion for investing into a career as a stockbroker. In her first job interview with a financial firm she was told she would never make it in the investment business because she had three things going against her: “you’re short, you’re female, and you don’t have any experience.” Another comment she heard was “it’s a problem you're a woman in this business.” These experiences did not stop her from pursuing a successful career on Wall Street at one of the top investment firms.

Terry has not allowed challenges to defeat her or other peoples’ perceptions to define her. They fuel her.

She has been speaking up and supporting women’s advancement in the workplace her entire career. In her talent acquisition leadership roles, she created and led many company-wide DEI initiatives.

Terry's rewarding career transitions from Wall Street to real estate to Silicon Valley fostered the skills, learning and development that inspired her founding The Brass.
Her current quest is to help women thrive in the mid-to-late stages of their careers and build a supportive community.

Terry continues to seek growth as an amateur athlete with age group podium finishes in local Bay Area sprint triathlons, 10k and 5k runs. She travels internationally participating in 100 mile group cycling rides in Croatia and trains for marathons.

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expert ensemble

Our strategic advisors illuminate the path forward with their unparalleled wisdom and deep industry insights. We fuse their extensive experiences into a powerhouse of guidance.

Veronique Lafargue

Veronique Lafargue

Founder, Maison Lafargue

Veronique is a Marketing Advisor, with 20 years of experience in growing new categories that transform the way we collaborate, learn, and care for our environment. She helps purpose-driven founders build remarkable brands and sustainable growth, leveraging her marketing expertise from global companies like Google and Box, and from serving as Chief Marketing Officer for multiple startups. Born and raised in France, she moved to Silicon Valley 12 years ago. She is a big believer in breaking down the ageism stereotypes and that mid-career is just the perfect time to get some agency back and build a life in alignment with one's values.